Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hands behind the wheel

My mellowness yesterday had me pass on a MNS ride. After a weekend of driving, then a typical day of driving for work, the return drive to Midland for physio with Dr. Bill and then continued the loop to pick up my Anthem for Jacob. I just didn't feel like driving any more.

I have to admit that I do have it pretty good having a ton of great riding right out the end of my driveway. I feel bad for people that actually need to drive someplace to ride their road bikes. It sounds funny but there are areas that I wouldn't' want to ride, risk your life in the first 20 feet by lunatic drivers.

I love to drive the car, but there are days, as the season starts to wind down, that I would rather chill on the couch. That was what I did. That's where I'm about to head back to now. Another busy day of work and driving. I think I'll be needing a little more coffee.

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