Monday, August 16, 2010


I swear my coach must have a direct link to my computer or has some little bird sitting in the window watching what I'm doing. No more than 5 minutes after I posted my race report that I had planned to do an easy ride came a link of text saying no you're not. I did what I really do like to do instead, I used my feet and walked. Like running, walking is just at a slower pace but there is still no coasting.

Of course I was doing my rain dance hoping for the right weather for a guilt free indoor day. Looks like everywhere in Ontario except for where my exact current position got rain. Instead it was just hot, the hot that you want to be out doing fun things but I didn't wanna!

A few more random thoughts about the 9 hour. Yet again the Mountainview mystery woodsman Nik was randomly showing up in different trail sections calling out Giver!!!! You pretty much have no choice but to make the climb with that motivation.

The apres race food was better than the race food. The 2 meat burgers and 1 veggie burger were very good but you coudn't eat that on the course. The Infinit mix worked amazing yet again with zero energy loss. Of course when I smelt the BBQ on my last lap my stomach rumbled.

My upper body is in rougher shape than my lower body. The stair test is not to bad, now my hands and shoulders are another story. It is a very physically demanding course and I'll be sore for a few days. Need to be proactive with he bending and stretching stuff.

Talked to Peter about what will be the highlight of the 2010 cycling season. The Misfitpscyles Antirace. Looks like it will be another adventure for sure.

Was happy that I halfway cleaned the bike right after the race Like the body I really wonder how dirt gets where it does. It's going to be a pretty chill week with lots of recovery rides. Should be good.

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