Friday, August 27, 2010

Have I gotten that fast? Nope

I may have gotten faster over the last couple years, there isn't much doubt there but the gap between the Molly Monster has never been that large. The last ride before the last ride before the 24 hour was done on my backyard single track. After a week and a half of no trail riding followed by me clipping the tree during the Albion race I figured I should get the eyes and reaction time all back in check to the legs. I was also hoping to maybe come across another horseshoe, a little extra luck this weekend would not be turned down. Unfortunately no go on that, I'll be relying on what I have inside. HMMM.

Headed out on the hard tail, not a chance in hell I was going to get either of the Anthem's dirty, and for the first 5 minutes of the ride heading to the trail I tried to keep pace with Molly. That was about it, as we hit the single track and the first easy climb I already put a little gap into her. She caught up and stayed with me for most of the first lap. The next lap she yo-yo of the pace. By the third lap she was gassed but managed to get around with me waiting patiently at the end before the spin back home.

Now if the lap distance was O Cup length I would be thinking that's pretty normal. She has set some fast times around a couple Ontario venue's in the past that would make most Sport level riders jealous. Unfortunately each lap is only about 8 to 9 minutes. Did I mention that this was at recovery rate pace. I know, I do get to coast. I know it's my fault that my dog would much rather chill on the couch now. Overall I don't mind her not being a strung out lunatic that would walk on the ceiling if she didn't get a run. This fall will be spent getting her back in shape for the ski season.

As for me, legs felt good. The normal chill time tetchiness in them. It's almost annoying. The eyes and body came in check and each time around felt smoother than the last. Conditions for the weekend are still looking perfect. No last minute hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes, or plague will be happening this weekend.

Potential post tomorrow, the car is already packed and ready to go. As much as I'm very low key about everything to do with this race there are still certain habits in my life that just can't be changed. About 28 hours till the fun begins.

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