Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dazed and daydreams

After a Top Gear powered nap. Yes, my inner child is still a car junkie and the sounds of stupidly fast cars is very soothing for me. I finally felt re-energized and headed out for an easy spin on the road bike. It was one of those rides that was filled with over observation. First was the wind, but it was strange, it wasn't a slow head wind. No humidity, I was cooking the rail trail with little effort. Could have been some new pb set at the Midland TT last night.

The next was one of fun, of planning for the fall. It also brought back memories of my youth. The township had dropped a few big piles of dirt at the side of the rail trail. Of course it doesn't take long for a kid to get in there and say "look at the jump" Watched a couple of them huck the double, they dared me to try, I passed on the thought. Surprising but they were interested in the road bike, next generation roadies???

What it brings up though is the thought of a trip to Joyride 150. It's been a while, the craving of riding indoors seems to disappear once the roads are clear. Now after a great summer and a long session of training, the time to go and launch a bike into the foam pit, hit the jump line, exhausted the upper body riding the pump track is beginning to grow. This past weekend The Summer's family was up at the Mountainview 9 hour and Mark mentioned to me all the changes and additions that are being done. Looking forward to being immature and trying not to have the Summer's kids show me up to badly, of course they will.

Back in the reality of the ride, a pretty chill 1.5 hour rail trail ride. Legs felt good. Actually body in general feels really good. Of course tonight's ride will be a little more of a test of metal. Hoping a nap won't be needed before the self abuse.

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