Friday, August 20, 2010

Acting my age? Screw that

As I pondered on the back deck last night with a glass of wine while listening to some slight more aggressive music that was blasting out of the car. Not to loud that it could annoy my neighbours but just loud enough to suit the type of music that was playing ad I started to think, " How old am I ?"

Some people have met me in a business side of my life and probably had to do a double take. I act like a grown up when it comes to business, much older than my age truly is. This is because I do what I need to do, and be who I need to been when the time is needed. In the work world I dress work related, listen to talk radio, stay up to date on the market, deal with customers in a mature responsible manor, etc, etc.

Then there is the other me, out of the work world, the bike me. The young me. I've seen some old friends recently, people my age living a different lifestyle that what I have grown into. Man, did they look old and sound old. Cycling has kept me young, hell I'm 37 and compete against guys that I'm almost old enough to be their father's, bad shivers there. I do from time to time get reminders that even though my mindset may be younger at times that my body does have some well used parts on it now and does need to be treated a little different. Regardless of the mild discomfort from time to time I can't see me slowing down from this type of life anytime soon. A few of the over 40 division guys have told me they are not looking forward to me hitting that magical age and since I've continued to get faster still every year, who knows what will happen.

Cycling has also brought me some great friends, many will be over tonight for yet another one of those story filled evenings that include bikes, rail trail, pub, food, beer and for sure lots of laughter. These guys are also part of the reason for me feeling young also. I'm actually going to blame them for all of it. You become who you surround yourself with. It's one of those zen like thoughts. So far I think it's been pretty good results.

Friday is going to be a good day.

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John Bragdon said...

SNAP...good post man. I was also in that mind set last night as I was doing some bike prep and catching myself slowly turning up some of my angry/chest pumping music of my past.....had to occasionally turn it down when lyrics were heavily revolving around some slang that probably wouldn't be entirely "embraced" by my neighbours LOL....38 years old and HOPING to be a contender in the over 40 category....two more years of training to go ;)