Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who stabbed my leg and kicked my dog?

So I'll start with the good side of things. Molly is on the up and up. She is already in a better place when she is on her med's. A trip to the vets for more reassessments and confirmation of her injuries. There is a minor concern of something spotted on the x-ray but so far it is looking like she won't need surgery and will only need a splint instead of a cast. You are still welcome to sign her splint wrapping. She will love the attention. Breathing is all good and the swelling in areas is already going down. Was given the two thumbs up about using the laser on her.

I will put out the warning now, Molly will begin to work you over for attention and she will milk it well beyond the time of the actual injury. She is way to smart. A few years ago a dog she plays with broke a leg, he was getting lots of attention because of it. A few days later Molly began to fake a broken leg. This would come and go depending on who was around and how the attention was being spread out. Basically if it was elsewhere she began to limp. A treat or a run was optioned to her and she was fine. Smart girl.

Bob was making sure she wasn't lonely yesterday.

Now comes my thrills of seeing a doctor. Headed to Dr. Bill's for my weekly tune up recovery. I had some feelings on what may be said. A few hours earlier a could feel it spinning out my legs on the rail trail, then a little more while stretching. My left side leg muscles are tensed up so badly right now that there is almost no flexibility. It basically feels like someone stabbed my hamstring with a rusty dull knife then proceeded to tear it down the muscle. The spasms took their toll.

What does this mean, ride life is pretty much restricted to very easy spins and gasp, walking. Lot's of light stretching. In short my mtb race season may possibly be over. The marathon race is out, the Fall 8 hour being a month away is questionable at this point. That's why I spent some time last night working on this.

After some rest my fitness may only be high enough to use this, only ridden by a little old man to church on Sunday's. Church just happens to have barriers. Looks like I'll start a few of those off season projects a little sooner than planned.


jenn said...

just what the poor girl needs, more scars! I'm sure molly will make the most of this experience and savour all the attention.

Andy said...

Told you I shouldn't take the laser with me.