Friday, August 13, 2010

zen like thoughts? No. Crazy?? Yes

After a great ride, followed by a great dinner I did everything I could to stay up late enough to watch what was supposed to be an amazing light show. One of those perks of living where I do, amazing dark star filled skies. I sometimes forget how good I have it living in an area with the best cycling, skiing, canoeing etc in Ontario but looking up last night reminded me of the simple things.

As the sky darkened an the stars came out, this was 9:30 and of course this is getting close to my bed time but I was going to resist the urge and stay up till at least 10:15. It was well worth it after I saw the first rock rip across the sky with a bright white streamer chasing it. As I laid on the ground staring up in awe I got yet another one of those zen like moments, just thinking about life and why we do the things we do. Yes this is cycling based.

As the Mountainview 9 hour is almost upon us a quote from one of my reminder warm up get in check movies came to mind. 24 solo is still a great motivator for me. I still love this line "It's great to win bike races but life is a little deeper than that. What I'll take is the memories and the friendships I've made over the years." Exactly, being a mid late 30 something year old I know my chances of going to the Olympics are limited to how much room is on my credit card. Now this type of thought works for me, some of my fast friends like Andrew and Peter, kill it boys.

Racing has brought me some pretty cool friendships. I've met people from all over the world, some faster, some slower than myself. Some serious about racing, some not so much. In the end they are all out to enjoy the love of riding bikes. Racing just seems to bring us all to the same location on any given day.

As my zen like state started to dissolve, more by the head butting from Bob the special ed cat wanting attention I caught a glimpse of a few more random flying rocks, 7 UFOs, 2 planes and one crazy woman on a broom stick. It was 10:23, I must have been hallucinating from exhaustion so it was off to bed.

There will be a short pre race post tomorrow, promise.

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