Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wave your hands in the air!!!

After a couple of chill days off the bike it will be the return of maintaining fitness, what I'm maintaining it for I'm yet to fully figure out. It's a big block now until the Fall 8 hour, there are a few random thing from now till then. I will say that my hands are looking forward to a bit of a break from the mountain bike right now. From time to time flash back of my youth come back to haunt me.

In part of my previous life I played varsity volleyball, those skinny things I call legs had a little power back then and I was able to jump. The notorious injures to volleyball player, ankles, knees and hands. Well I got two of the three. The knees have been good for a while now but my hands which have had every figure fractured or sprained at least once. Ad that up to my daily life of working in the trades and it leads to sore hands from time to time. Main reason for my well know larger than most grips. The setup works fantastic for anyone with large powerful hands. I can crush a small child's head with one hand, ok maybe a small chipmunk and that still probably wouldn't happen.

Besides the hands being still sore the body is coming around pretty well. The stairs are not a challenge to go up, I can touch my toes again. Still want to nap though. The next week or two will be mainly asphalt based training. Not complaining at this point, not looking at sneaking a trail ride in yet. I know that will change though. The temptation to do night riding will start soon. Not having to stay up till all hours of the night waiting for it to get dark helps. I have that nice light set that was won at Solstice that has yet to be tried out.

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