Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day of the Dog

The Molly Monster is spoiled, she pretty much gets everything, including a day of fun.Of course this doesn't mean I didn't get to enjoy it also. It was a return to the mountain bike as we battled for 10 minutes of south bound traffic to my backyard of Copeland Forest. The legs were a little tired but the plan was for an easy hour to spin them out and let Molly get a good run. Both happened.

With Molly being spoiled her high intensity level is now just a little lower than it used to be but after 30 minutes or so she started to pick up the pace. As for me, would there be a sense of caution used in the singletrack? Would I have a fear of narrow trees? Or roots? Nope. Rode the hardtail and bounced around hoping downed logs and rolling the trails with good confidence. I may or may not have kicked a couple downed trees and said some colourful words while doing it.

After a short break at the house we followed with the third favourite thing of Molly's, car rides. Headed north on to some back country windy roads in the hot rod where she spent time bouncing from window to window. Some were her choice, some were caused by me having a little fun in the windy roads. Passed a small group of roadies who were just about to get caught in one of those blasts of rain that instantly makes you miserable. The type that windshield wipers on high can't even keep up.

A few hours later and some chill time on the couch it was off to the 2nd favourite thing of Molly. Dropped my cob webbed covered canoe in the water, it's been a few weeks since it's moved. Perfect conditions on Georgian Bay and we chased what ever water fowl we could as Molly stood on the front of the canoe like a hood ornament pointing in the direction we needed to go next. It was a nice reminder about slowing things down.

There is something to be said about being on the water, everyone is friendly. Everyone waves as they pass and they are all courteous about speed and wake towards smaller crafts. HMMM I wonder why we can't get that out on the road with cars and bikes?

Molly is tired, I'm dragging this morning as I asked my alarm clock nicely to stop what it was doing. 4 day work week, sane training week. Lot's of coffee needed, body is feeling better.

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