Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It came back two fold

A rest day before a Monday Night Something ride has never been needed. EVER!! Until last night. Met up with the boys at the what we thought was the right parking spot. I think there was mutual agreement on not letting the person who gets lost in his driveway without a gps telling him where to go decide on where we start rides from. Of course there was some confusion since this was not the normal MNS type ride. It was in the big backyard of Copeland.

It was not long till we were riping the berms, of course what goes down has to go up and in Copeland that pretty much describes the place. Climbing or descending and there was a statement made on how fair it is that the descending time never equals the ascending time. I think I need to either learn to climb a lot faster or start riding my brakes the whole way down.

I was playing on the other Anthem, the one that I beat on for training, halfway maintain and have had absolutely no problems with in the lines of broken parts. until last night when I found out my front derailleur didn't want to shift out of the middle ring. I made an attempt on one of those climbs that just kept going. Maybe it was my bike saying "man up boy!" saving me from ridicule from the guys. Either way it meant as little huffing and puffing. Of course this meant we hit yet another awesome downhill.

Yes as much as climbing can suck, the downhill sections are so much fun that it's all worth it. Hearing Tristan scream like a 5 year old girl was very comical also. The return to the singlespeed bikes only was also brought up. It was shut down pretty quick though, are we all getting old? Maybe, some are minus SS now, I'm not but I do admit I enjoy the safe predictability of my race bike over some sketchy build up that works great in the off season.

We did go back to an old tradition and finished up the ride with beer and stories of who is going where for what races and that there is a weekend in September that has more races going on than racers to fill the spots. Don't promoters ever talk? I may be hit up one of those events. To far away at this point.

A little riding tonight and some gentle tuning of the Anthem will be done. Hoping I won't need to switch bikes at any point on Saturday but just in case I think I may want use of all my gears. It is Mountainview, there will be climbing.

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