Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Turned right for a change

After a short visit with the Shake'n'Bake twins at the Bike Stop an idea was put in my head. I haven't been on my cross bike in a long time. With the to do list I had for my ride it would work out just about right. After 8 minutes of asphalt I saw the chance and I turned right. Right into some Ministry of the Environment trails that didn't have no bike signs posted. All was good.

Wasn't to long before I had a chance to work on my minimal level cross skills with a set of stairs to a look out tower. To say I was rusty is an understatement. How about seized up. It was not a run up but more a strolling up attempt.

Great view, I came, I saw, time to move on. This did mean back on the pavement, for now. I decided to head down a road that I hadn't been on since the winter. I was still a little nervous because the last time down there was a huge Wolf(dog) that had the hugest eyes I've ever seen. Well I ended up meeting the Wolf(dog) and he is a nice not so big German Sheppard.

Short visit and it was back to pedalling with a few of those one legged pedal thingys. This is when I spotted something that made the heart race. I braved the risk to get this photo.

Cannibals!!!! Helmet wanting Cannibals. Fast moving helmet wanting Cannibals. If they can catch someone that was on a snowmobile what about a cyclist? I heard a rustle in the woods behind me and didn't stick around to find out.

Half an hour later I was rolling to my lower yard where there was a chance to work on those cross skills again. Weak attempt, didn't even look good doing them at slow speed so there was no reason to go any faster. It's a few months till I really need them. Nice change though being on a different bike with different riding options. Leads to a ride that I would like to try again that was attempted in the winter. Soon.

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