Thursday, August 12, 2010

plan? Not really just playing

I did it for Summer Solstice, I'm going to do it again. I'm putting my race strategy out in the open because as they say, if it's done right it doesn't matter if they know or not. Actually there won;t be anything exciting or new. I'm going into this race pretty low key.

The plan is to experiment a little on pace. I'm not expecting to have to kill it the same way as we do at the larger events. What I'm looking at is trying to maintain my lap times a little longer. It always -seems that it drops in 2-2.5 hour increments. May drop the intensity a little sooner and see what happens. Of course I'm also going to try and hit up the fun events if possible. That alters pace for sure.

Weather is continuing to look to the better. Sun and cloud now with a small chance of rain. Hopefully it becomes a day of rainbows and butterflies. Just in case, one of the bikes is ready to roll with a nice said of grippy tires. Going into the course blind but not to concerned. 9 hours is still, well 9 hours. There was a temptation to pack the car and race to London instead for the 12 hour battery burner. Maybe next year.

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