Thursday, August 5, 2010

Road trip of sorts

Made my way south for a slight change of scenery. The Chico Racing boys were doing a little tour of the Hot August Nights course last night and thought it would be nice to just ride and be social at Albion. I don't think I've ever just ridden there in after all the years. The recently returned from a World Cup month Andrew Watson decided to join. He did continue to remind me that he was still on euro time and it was currently 4 am or something like that.

It was an impressive turn out forcing the boys to split into two groups. We jumped in with the infamous Sean Ruppuel, course designer extraordinaire, with Chico himself riding in tow making sure none of us fell of the pace and got lost. I think he was concerned for a few of us. Mainly two. I guess every group of friends that ride bikes has them, our group has the Shake'n'Bake twins. Well Albion has there own.

There were many times during the ride that instant death was barely avoided. If there was a stick on the ground these two seemed to have to race for it, they bickered about past races, etc. It was very amusing. Andrew braved it and got between the two with hopes for greater safety. There were a few whimpers as they seemed to have separation anxiety. Some reason they always managed to get back together.

As for the course, minus us having a granny gear race up the main climb of the course. One of the twins cheated riding on a 2x9, the course is amazing. We rode sections of trails that Sean said had been used int he past. I'm not sure but there was one single track section that was just amazing, with speed there were mini gap jumps, great flow. Lots of fun sections, just enough double track for passing, there is climbing but except for the one grass climb most were mixed in with single track which seems to make them almost disappear.

Of course I'm currently unsure what I'm doing for the race. I've been asked to join a couple teams and a slight hint for tag team. I've also thought of just making my way down Saturday with some food, some gear, some beer and just chilling for the weekend and doing some random laps for different teams. Right now there is no real thought on it. I do want to play on that course again, next time at race speed. For those on the fence, sign up, the course is worth it.

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