Sunday, August 1, 2010

Short updates

Good ride, good company, good recovery, good beer. More thrills to happen as the Shake'N'Bake twins are on their way to my place for what will most definitely turn into an epic road ride. Full updates tomorrow.

Good quote from my coach to her boyfriend yesterday after finishing the Big Chute loop which he has never done before. "It's really a beautiful ride, when you don't have your head down tucked into the draft." Jay and Heather tucked into my draft during my scheduled intensity and having my coach all of 6 feet behind me meant no sand bagging. The only good thing was I had both of them working really hard to hold on that they couldn't afford to waste any oxygen to tell me I wasn't going hard enough. A bunch of zone 4 stuff, felt good, leg is still tight but getting better.

Coffee, no world cup, long ride. Check out Mr. Watson's race report.

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