Monday, August 9, 2010

non race weekend

It was a weekend of long roads, some on the bike, some in the car. It was a bright and early start on Saturday armed with 3 bottles, money and some music. I needed it as I was off to the beach. Lately I've been getting that craving to ride different roads, a change of scenery. I think I've ridden everything east of my house, south is running out and north, well north is water. Been a while since I made the run to Wasaga.

As I made my way along and went from the roads filled with locals to the roads of the cottagers I was a little disappointed. I guess cottage cyclist don't wave. Wasaga was busy even at the time I rolled through. Some nice views. Of course busy meant traffic and went back to focus for the next few km before making my way on some farmland concessions. The next 2 hours I saw minimal cars and lots of cows and corn.

Great sign on the side of the road. Said "Speed Kills, Slow Down" About 20 feet up there was a dead Raccoon. Hmmm Maybe if the raccoon went faster he wouldn't be dead. Maybe it should be "Slow Kills, Speed your Ass up". Highlight of the ride, a quick stop to scope out the retro bike guy's stock.

This is just some of the bikes the guy sells. If you say the pile in the shop you'd stare in awe. He was checking out the Chuck Norris Bike with a hint of jealousy. Like last weekend I made my way into the hills of Oro at the end of the ride but opted to go around the ski hill this time for a little more controlled climbing. In the end just under 5 hours of rolling around.

Yesterday was a write off. Pouring rain kept me on the couch with no craving to be at the o-cup. Heard things were rainbow's and butterflies down south but I was pretty content to stick to my plan. Short spin on the rollers before going on a road ride scouting mission. Found the most amazing road. A very long version of the roller coaster section of the Big Chute Loop. Next to zero traffic, low speed limit etc. There is the potential for a fall epic road ride. Planning.

Countdown is on for the 9 hour. Hoping for some nice weather. Legs are coming around. More to do this week.

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