Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Battle of the war

As the countdown continues for what could be yet another battle of Good versus Evil. Using the power of flipping a coin, which of course is how I make all decisions, I'm pretty sure Peter will be pedalling around the Mountainview 9 hour course solo also. Will it be a repeat of last year? There has not been a real repeat of some of previous battles of smack talk now in a couple years.

The battle of gears versus no gears. Little wheels versus big wheels. Full suspension versus no suspension. Cake versus pie. Sugar versus artificial sweetener. Jedi versus the Empire. Yes the Empire will be at Moutainview. The race is even run by the Empires only paid follower.

I must ride fast enough to beat Peter, for all mankind and the honour of the Molly Monster. At our last meeting Peter was politically correct enough to say that Molly looked a little more muscular than in the past. Yes, he called her Fat. Maybe she is but denial can be a good thing. She will be at the race and maybe she'll run a lap and prove that even slightly large she can still bust a faster lap time than said single speeder.

Regardless of the outcome it will be a fun day, there is pie to eat, tricycles to ride, demo single speeds from the Empire, and a great bbq after the race. Oh ya, some amazing trails to ride also. Don't debate anymore, come watch the war at Mountainview. Better yet get on your bike and join a side. Of course I'd suggest my side. We get to shift on the hills.

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