Thursday, August 26, 2010

Since I can talk about it now

The countdown is almost over, I'm pretty much as ready as I'm going to be. No last minute hill repeats, 6 hour rides or intervals. Maybe all of that is the reason I'm so chill about the race. Everything that needs to be done is well done. This included knowing where I will be plopping a tent the race. I won't be in my usual location this year at the road crossing. A change of scenery will be nice for Mom and my Aunt. Me, I don't plan on seeing much of it.

As for the scenery, I'm not sure if Adam and Sean of Chico did it for the good or some sick practical joke and put Ben and I in the same camp site. Just that combination of quick witted smart ass comments will probably have both our parents looking at us funny. Yes I can be mature, it just may be a little limited. Then add in two other solo riders one with the team name Shrek the other Donkey. You know that it will be an interesting site. For those other two guys, I really do hope they know each other.

I'm also now changing the rules for races, ok I'm changing them for me. I think that I should receive gifts before every race. Why? Just because. I like gifts. If this rule applies then I will make it worth your while and share with you!!! Like the gift I received from INFINIT yesterday.

I'll be sporting some new colours, a big thanks to Darcy and Jenn of INFINIT. Now I promised that I would share with you, here it is.

A huge box of goodness from INFINIT. Some of these are prizes for the race, but if you come to site 61 I have some single packs to hand out. If you are stopping by please do it before the race starts.

Both my Anthem's are ready to go, clean and shiny. I really needed to go above and beyond because one other thing I'll be hearing about from Ben is how much lighter his Anthem is than mine as he has done everything but scrap the paint off to shave a few grams. The thought of having the hardtail there with mud's on it is becoming more and more of only a thought. My over prep mind which always says that if you don't bring it you will probably need it is actually being eased with the weather reports that are continuing to keep me actually shocked. I've never ever seen both Environment Canada and the Weather Network actually 100% fully agree on weekend weather. Well the stars must be aligning, seas are parting and Sean Ruppel sacrificed his little dog to the weather gods.

This was taken moments before Sean through the dog into the sea, a great sacrifice for the greater cause of a bike race.

Time for a little more coffee and off to work. One final thought, I don't think I've ever been this chill going into a 24 hour race, ever. Actually I continue to be less and less stressed about a race and I've brought it to a new level this time.

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