Saturday, September 18, 2010

3 times a charm?

How often do you get to ride 3 different race courses that will all be used in the next 2 weeks with out doing anymore than switching bikes? That's the plan for today as I load up the Anthem and the Blue Cx on top of the old man car and make my way to Hardwood Ski and Bike.

After the failed attempt earlier in the week to get a few laps in of the 8 hour course a better plan came to sight. I can do it all PLUS do their off road time trial to try and get a little intensity back in my body. It may be 3 times a charm but I was thinking that doubling my pleasure for each of the course would be about perfect. a warm up and a race lap of the TT course, a repeat for the 8 hour course and then the same for the coming up quickly weekly cross races under the lights. Rumours have told me that the cross course is short and bumpy. May have to double my double pleasure with 4 laps of it.

Looking a little chilly out there, may be racing in winter wear! More tomorrow, don't forget about the Terry Fox Run!!!! Important event.

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