Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well I've seen it on tv

I find the craving to ride can be a very interesting. Unlike a good meal which you always have a craving for no matter what or when it is, riding outside can vary so dramatically. In the early spring it could be absolutely horrible outside but after spending 4 months riding the trainer you will suffer in just about any condition just to get that feeling of forward momentum. As the fall sets in and there are huge miles in the legs there seems to be a little bit of a change in attitude. With the season slowing down and coming to an end that craving to go out in the not so ideal condition begins to take over.

Yesterday was one of those days. I'd considered getting even a short ride in but everytime I started to edge towards a bike the weather opened up the taps and the wind seemed to increase. It was also cold, so cold that I started a fire and closed up the windows in the house. After a few weak attempts I final gave up on the thought and spend some serious time bending and stretching the body back to normal. Making myself sit still long enough can be hard but the distraction of choice seem to work. I normally promote TV sucks ride your bike type attitude, there is normally nothing on worth watching. Until yesterday.

Settled in on the couch for both the Men's and Women's World Championships. Great race for the Canadians, the cheers from the crowds in Quebec were so loud I could feel them here. Some great results, I'm wishing more so now that I drove out to see it live. Andrew already has his run down of the race, check it out. Unlike yesterday though I'm not going to be watching cycling today but doing it first hand. Route is set sorta, cross bike is ready to go. Going to mix in a little barrier training today is possible. Going on some roads that I'm not sure fully exist. Should be fun!

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