Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm almost into counting seconds, I just don't have enough fingers and toes. Holiday's are almost here and unlike my spring holidays where I was invaded with a couple squatters for the week this time will just be the Molly Monster, Bob the cat and myself chilling.

There will be a return to riding as well. Actual official training is on the table but more so just riding along will be more of the agenda for a little while. It's funny that it's been 4 days and I did sorta ride two of them but it feels like it's been weeks since I've spun the cranks. My body is still feeling like a pile of knotted rope but there seems to be a little progress in the recovery. As strange as it sounds, I'm happy to see the heat disappear for at least a few day to help.

With 10 full days ahead the options are endless, some are limited but the thought of not turning the alarm clock on is putting a smile on my face. Time for some more coffee, the faster I work today the sooner I'm done.

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