Thursday, September 2, 2010

Death avoided?

Made my way to Hardwood Ski and Bike last night to possibly watch the suicide attempt of two friends. I felt I should be there for support, also to make sure they didn't back out of their plan. Jacob and Tristan have continued to always risk their own lives, and the lives of some children for the entertainment of the crowd. In a world of UFC and reality tv shows you need to really step up your game to even stand out in the tame cycling world. This could have been it.

The tandem seems to be their new trademark and tonight would be no different. To take things to the next level of, well use your own words on that thought, the boys showed up with the fixie tandem that is minus suspension and brakes. Exactly.

To make it interesting the twins lined up with what would be equal competition. Notice the 6 year old that is totally smack talking them. He called them out, more on that later. Rolled to the line with a slight head start of the mad pack of kindergarten kids that would run them down if they made a bad start, the countdown, GO!!! They grounded to a halt before one full pedal stroke, complete catastrophic failure.

Something about a combined wattage well above the metal fatigue point of a recreational level chain ring. After a little bit of gasping in shock and dodging of that mad pack the boys man'd up and opted to run the 6 km course.

There is a very distinct sound that carbon soled mountain bike shoes make on dirt, it's called painful. I did my best not to tease them to much as I coasted beside them spitting out random comments.

30 minutes later to make it official they needed to cross the line the same way they started it. The push drag pull across the line got some cheers. So the kid that was smack talking them at the line, yep he took them just before the finish line.

Was the mechanical done intention by the bike gods? Probably, the Fun course is not overly challenging but no brakes and a few tight spots were almost guaranteed collisions with non moving objects called trees. I was pretty certain I heard the air ambulance hovering around.

Yet another part of the race season has come to a close as the weekly series is now done. A few of us made our way over to the bar at Horseshoe Valley for some recovery drinks and stories. It's a time of play.

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