Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not what I wanted

That's it, I'm sick. Sore throat has turned a nasty. I can still breathe, sorta but I've now invested in stocks of a throat lozenge company. Am I stressed yet, not really. It's a few days out still. The weather is a little accommodating to wanting to stay indoors with rain for the next few days. One perk of this is I'll be going into the 8 hour well rested.

Some final updates have been made to the Midland Enduro. Some thoughts of scoping out the river crossing may happen on Sunday.

There are a few fast names already in for this adventure. Thanksgiving weekend at the Mountainview ski hill 8 am !!! Be there.

A few chill days filled with renewing my love for chicken noodle soup. I'll be doing the anti sick dance soon enough.

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