Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hardwood prep day

Quick thoughts on yesterday's ride. The 8 hour course, pretty awesome. We ended up using the course for the time trial race also. Overheard someone saying that it's a good course for solo's yes and no. Not a huge amount of climbing but the problem with that is that you are on the gas the whole time. There are some good long singletrack sections that will make you work and if you screw your line up your coming to a stop. That said, they mixed in some long double track sections which just cry for the big ring.

One race lap in the 28's and a couple endurance laps in the low 30's. Lot's of fun, still going to hurt because 8 hours no matter what course you're riding is still 8 hours of riding.

Put a couple laps into the cross course, would have been more except for a wonderful flat tire. This course is a little less loved. Lot's of the same corners as last year which are sand pits right now. Can't take what would be the proper line through it, it will eat you up. One other thought is the corner which took out my tube. It's a line that should be right but it's not. Won't get into more detail but I'm hoping they may do a few modifications to the course before the first race.

My barrier work was questionable but I semi impressed myself with my shouldering during the run up. Sun is out, more to do today.

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