Monday, September 27, 2010

More from the 8 hour

All for one person, more pictures. It takes longer to do that then type. So I'm still feeling a little beaten up from Saturday's adventure. It's expected though, a few of the sight's around the venue. They are me based.

Molly doing her thing with some promo, she also milked so much attention with her broken leg.

The calm before the storm is not really all that calm as everyone battles for the front line. Mr Gain who has pulled me around the course many times gets into position. Because I'm always near the front of these starts I never realize how many people are there.

As I said at the front, I did fade back to where I needed to be soon enough

Making the last turn of the day.

Could I have gone faster? Yes. The pace off the line this year was much slower than in the past. I did what I needed to do to win. Of course I would have gone faster had I know Brent was gaining in the last two laps. We really weren't watching the over 40 category and having 2nd and 3rd in the u-40 pitting beside us made it really easy to watch gaps. Looks like Mom will have more to do the next time.

Besides not having to go full out like normal this race was a huge confidence booster on the shape of my body. After the 24 hour my legs were a real problem for a couple weeks with random cramping and crazy amounts of tightness. I went from being able to touch my toes to barely being able to touch my knees right after that race. Thanks to a few key people most of that was resolved but it was still in my head. I have less fear now to pin it.

Not a bad run though of the 8 hour series plus one. 2nd at Mansfeild, Blow up at the first Hardwood, win at Mountainview, win at Hardwood. Plus a few other races mixed in there I think it was a really good season again this year. Still lots left though

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John Bragdon said...

Well done MATT! Great season! I opted out for an interesting wknd of riding Durham (first time...sweet), buckwallow, and some mysterious Canadian shield with a wack o boys....didn't realize there were points attributed to 8 hour series.....looks like I'll have to hit all three next year :)