Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brake the silence

Headed out for a repeated version of the day before ride. Cross bike under feet and a pump that works this time for that just in case. It was yet another one of those random left turns that found me riping through the back side of the Wye Marsh. Fallen trees became the barriers, height was always a little variable but still good practice. Even was forced to do a run up. I've learned that two water bottles in the frame does make it a little awkward to shoulder the bike. A simple reminder though that I hate running.

That's when I came across this sign.

This was also about the time that my brakes began to make a wonderful noise. That notorious cross bike squeal. In the middle of nature, with the air still and the world seeming just a little calmer it all came to a screeeeeeeeeeeaching halt. Deer's ran for their lives, birds looked at one another with a dazed look wondering who did that and bears, well they ducked in safety.

A short time later I was back out on the road heading towards Midland. This lead to a spin through Little Lake Park. As I ripped past one of the open sided buildings I saw a collection of people moving a little strange. It was right beside my route. Awww Tai Chi in the park, they look very meditative, let's see how meditative they really are. Ok no I didn't slam on the brakes, I'm not that big of an ass. I did startle a couple people walking farther along though. It's hard to muzzle a squeal like that. Some more thrills of rail trail riding on the way home lead to a 2.5 hour ride.

Happy to be on the bike, I can feel lots of body parts are not in a happy place right now. Left knee aches a bit but pain goes away. The whole body in general feels like a giant knot but things are coming along. Of course slicing an dicing wood is not helping recovery but apparently there are two skinny fast cyclists who want to come and share the fun of it.

Update on the Molly Monster tomorrow. Things are great at this point.

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