Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where you are, where you're not

I've had this question asked before many times, I've always answered with the same answer. I'm going to this race instead. The question is why are you not racing Crank the Shield which is happening this weekend. The first year was understandable, first year races are always questionable even with great event organizers. Last year I was in the States racing, as for this year. Well I'll be racing something different. I think this will be the last year I can avoid it.

It could be a very interesting race between these to riders.

Oh wait I meant Andrew and Peter. Each have been doing top secret training which they both seem to not keep secret. Hey Peter, apparently Andrew tackled a fridge last night and knocked it on it's side. How that will help during the race I have no idea.

So where, what, when am I racing next. It will be a week this Saturday. Yep I'm doing the Fall 8 hour Solo.

As I made my way to Hardwood all enthusiastic last night to ride both the 8 hour course and the weekly cyclocross series course little did I realize that they close a lot earlier that I thought. I pretty much only go there except for racing where hours are always extended. So doing it blindly and relying on the opinion of Ben about the course I signed my name at the bottom line and was added to the list. It will be a geared race for me, no single speed this year.

Guess you can say that the body is beginning to feel better finally, some weak attempts of regaining some top end fitness have happened. Not in a panic of putting in any huge hours in a row type rides. I figure if I don't have the endurance in my legs by now I'm not going to gain much with one long ride this weekend.

With Hardwood closing way to early I found myself playing in one of the random trail systems just tothe north, it was fun being back on the Anthem. The weekend will be another attempt to ride both courses and maybe add a bonus event in. Should be fun.

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