Friday, September 24, 2010

Rebounding slightly, into a brick wall

I rode my bike, I was so excited to do it, I was feeling just slightly better and felt an easy spin was doable. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided to be a controlling bitch and 30 minutes before I was home she brought in clouds, then wind, then rain basically saying to me "Man up boy if you really want to ride!" So I cowered and carried the Chuck Norris bike into the warm dry padded room and jumped on the rollers. I'm weak and fearful still, plus it's fall and the craving to do solo training rides in less than optimum weather conditions is pretty much non existent. The new set up in the padded room is fantastic.

Things were feeling pretty good body wise, still know I'm sick but hoping that the crap conditions will compromise everyone else's riding abilities to equal the playing field. I'd say I'm about 80 percent in the health department. The prediction for crap weather is at about 80 percent also, balance???? I'm prepped for the blah conditions. Overheating won't be a problem tomorrow. The course should hold up well even with rain.

Did a little number crunching, no matter what the outcome tomorrow there is no way of winning the overall. Because of my crash/failure at the summer 8 hour that had me finish just far enough back to not receive any points for the series standing even with a win the best I can finish will be 2nd place for the series. No chance of a free jersey. Of course I'll still hammer hard with hopes of a win to take all the fame and glory that comes from it. People will want my autograph, I'll end up on cereal boxes and doing Buick commercial. Scientist will want my DNA to use for a new super human race. Ok, maybe just some applause and a really nice plaque.

Time for more coffee since it appears I've been dreaming while typing that last piece. More to come.

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