Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Maybe it's their revenge for doing it? It happened, I felt it, I knew it might, there was those signs. Yep I woke up with a sore throat. Not the sore throat that is cured with water but the sore throat that could become something more than a sore throat. I'm not impressed obviously but I do remind myself that I've had some of my best results at long races when I felt like shit a few days out. Actually it's a deja vu of last Fall 8 hour and that turned out good. Not stressing.

Of course when ever the body turns funny you always look back at the last few days and think about what may have been the collection of things that could have caused it. Not that you won't ever do the exact same thing again, I know I will but more just for a reason or answer. I'm pretty sure it came from the actions of last night.

I wandered into the basement with a focus, it's time. You have to do this, they don't have sentimental value, there is space being wasted. Yep it was the purging of dead clothing. Gloves that have extra holes, shorts that are no longer spandexy, etc. The collection was larger than I thought. Why was I saving them? I haven't worn them in years, they stayed safe hidden under layers of good shorts taking up good space on the shelf.

From there I made my way onto the work bench, there was a little more control there but lot's of cables, and old chains that I just haven't seem to be able to part with. Pieces of bar tape left over from my supersized grips that I thought I might need one day. I wouldn't but it was the security of just knowing I had it for that just in case. Well it's all gone, I need the space. Why do I need the space? I don't have the answer to that at this point but it will probably be more stuff related. Yet again I took another to do off the fall list.

As I slept last night I swore I heard crying from the garbage bag, I think I disrupted the basement to much by removing both the soft clothing and the hard mechanical stuff at the same time. There was an adjustment and some voodoo karma mumbo jumbo type dance happening two levels lower than my bed of the remaining bike gear. There is a lot of it and when joined together the power they have is relentless. The result, I woke up with a sore throat. Note to self, don't rock the boat when it comes to gear. I'm almost afraid to sell any of the bikes to bring in new ones now.

Training front will be low key, it's pouring rain today mixed with lightning. Rest day and physio are sounding like a better option.

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