Monday, September 6, 2010

Catastrophic Failure

When you don't use something all the time how do you know if it still works? No I'm not talking about any type of body parts, this is mechanical. Got out bright and early on the cross bike with no real focus or game plan besides turning my legs. Hid the heart rate monitor under my jacket sleeve and kept my fingers crossed that Mother Nature would be semi considerate to me request.

I made one of those random left turns which switched from pavement to gravel. After staring at good maps it showed a road that should be the back way up to the Big Chute. It was a good plan, I thought so. It's fall and this is that time that random adventures need to be done. Things were going great, the odd little blast of rain but nothing enough to wreck my spirits, the wind was strong but I wasn't complaining. The view was worth it as I weaved around huge power line towers. I think that the hydro company that built this service road must be rally drivers. there was no attempt to smooth out the corners, leveling of hills over rocks etc.

I came to the road that apparently would lead me to the Chute. I rolled in about 15 feet and pretty much knew I'd come to a dead end. Winter time it's the snowmobile trail and would be possible when things like the small pond is frozen. There will be an attempt for sure. So it meant altered plans. Back on the main road I finally came to the end and started to make my way back when things went wrong. Standing going up a crazy steep pitch, almost steep enough to do a forced run up, the front of the bike felt funny. Shit, flat tire.

No worries, pulled out the fix it stuff and started the routine. Spun the pump onto the co2, hit the trigger and then swore. Checked the pump again and repeated. I was in the middle of nowhere on a road that really didn't have a name. I did the fill the tire full of leaves, there was no grass to be seen. Sorry to all the tree huggers for the small shrub that I probably killed but it was me or the tree. I like me a little better.

This got me a little distance but the rough road kept shifting things around and I was concerned that I was going to trash my wheel if I kept it up. This was right about the time a nice cottager in an S.U.V. went by and offered me a ride. No there was no candy used to bribe and there was no cash, grass, or ass sticker on the truck so I knew it was a safe ride. Dropped at an area that it was easier to give directions and a short time later Mom came to the rescue.

So to make sure this doesn't happen again I decided to dispose of that pump. I could have done it the easy way of putting it in the garbage but what fun would that be.

The problem causer

The problem solver, yes that is a wood splitter that can slice and dice a tree with little effort.

The results.

Some questionable weather is in again today, the cross bike will be used again today. I like my TCR to much to inflict the potential fall rain to it.

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