Thursday, September 23, 2010

They shoot sick animals

Bikes, cleaned and tuned. Clothing, clean and ready to wear. Nutrition, organized and ready to go. Body, screwed. Still feeling like crap, throat feels as dry as sand paper which is almost impossible considering all the water I've been drinking. If I consume anymore I swear I'll be hearing "Hey Culigan Man, opps sorry you're just a really hydrated guy" There is a little cure that I used during the day yesterday since work still must go on and I'll be using it again today.

With the last long race coming up quickly I started to look at the season. Not to bad yet again this year, I'm still missing one result to my list of need to do's and that still is linked to a 24 hour. There is always next year. There will be no talk of events for next year yet.

Short post, lack of energy, want to go back to sleep.

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