Wednesday, September 8, 2010

walking wounded

So what does an OCD workaholic do on his holidays? He works if given the option and doesn't stop until forced to. Well I came dam close to being forced to. That wonderful wood splitter was the toy that did it. I continued to keep pushing my body and the pile of wood was getting smaller. Unfortunately the logs in that pile seemed to be getting bigger. Why is it a human reaction to go after the lighter stuff first when the body is feeling the strongest? As I got to the bottom of the pile it also seemed to be what was the bottom of the tree. It was a big tree.

Let's just say that if I continued to push the way I did I wouldn't be racing for the rest of the season, hell I'd be lucky if I was able to ride my bike at all. I would have needed another holiday to recover from this one. My back is absolutely screaming, I forced myself to stop. I did the smartest thing I could and that was hook the slitter up to the truck and brought it back to the rental place. Out of sight out of mind and out of temptation.

The rest of my week will be spent recovering, yoga first thing this morning followed by a visit to physio. Massage please!!!! I planned on taking today off the bike regardless and the weather is looking like a great day to do that. I need to make my body feel better with still random thoughts about the rest of the season. I've been looking at cross races trying to plan which ones to hit up. Looking like the Kawartha rube eh could be one of the first. Potential fun group ride with it become violent in the last 10 km. I have such great friends.

Now the Molly update. The girl has skills, she is healing really well and is back up and moving. Almost to much, maybe it's the drugs, maybe it's the fact that she was not allowed to move to much the first couple days. Well she's motoring now so quickly that she broke a splint in half. The vet loves her, she is just milking the attention. It will be no time at all before she's back full force. Hoping she will have the craving to get back in shape. Couch potato's sometimes grow roots, going to try to stop that from happening. Ski season is only a couple month's out. ECK!!!

More thrills tomorrow.

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