Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Return to a routine, this sucks

As my holidays have now officially ended and I'm up at my normal alarm buzzing time, hurt a little, haven't smacked the snooze bar for over a week and my hands are a little soft. It will be back to those early morning posts as I pour liquid black gold down my throat.

A quick Molly update, were some concerns on the bone healing out of whack. Yet another trip to a vet but this time it was the surgeon. A couple more X-rays done. Yep the Monster knocked it just a little out of alignment but not enough to panic about. She now is the proud owner of a one of a kind custom splint that I'm keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't break. Molly the destroyer shows up from time to time still.

Yet another day of riding. Played on the cross bike and had the wind work to my advantage, head wind when wanted, tail wind when needed. Leg's are beginning to feel really good again. Power seems to be returning, flexibility is starting to be back to normal. All good things. Why? Just found out about a local race that sounds awesome.

A roughly 90 km race that is a mix of road surfaces that includes off road. Cross bike designed, mountain bike raceable. A loop from Midland to Horseshoe Valley and back to Midland. Apparently the second half of the loop is very hilly. I know the area well and from the updates I was given this will be a pretty cool event on Oct 9th. Mark this date on your calender and check the OCA website for full details, I'll post more once.

Will attempt to dodge some rain drops tonight before another round of physio.

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