Monday, September 13, 2010

There is no coasting here

This was a weekend of big and walking. I like big but I'm a cyclist, this walking thing is still very much questionable. I tried to coast a few times but just stopped. Friday had me heading to Burl's Creek for the largest automotive flea market in Canada. I was on a mission, winter is coming and the Nissan as great as it is on dry roads has me concerned about it's handling once the roads turn white and shiny. Of course having something a little different meant that I wouldn't be using the normal type ugly black steel wheels for winter rims, apparently they still don't make 18's.

I was pretty lucky and hit the jack pot pretty early, around the 5th row, had the guy hold them and continued through the fields filled with row after row of car stuff. In walking distance roughly about 6-7km covered. In the end self control took over and just went home with what was really needed.

Not a bad find, now it's the debate on what will become the winter rims. Why do I love the fleamarket so much? Paid $160 for a set of 18 inch rims that would retail for well over a grand brand new. Right time right place!!!!

On to the thrills of the weekend. Early morning roll out with lots of coffee in me, some food, trail runners, a canoe and an energetic passenger sitting beside me I pointed the Nissan north. Their were no bikes in that mix. A couple touristy stops along the way but after about 3 hours of drive time the canoe was being pulled off the car and being dropped into Johnny Lake in Killarney Park. The weather was perfect, not to hot, wind was pretty calm. A great day for the paddle and with the clear air our destination would be even more spectacular.

I'm the first to say that I love Killarney, I love paddling here. I was happy that my slightly larger than a normal cyclists body was feeling good. Hit the short portages and just over an hour and a half from the launch we were switching from sandals to hiking boots for the next step of our adventure. Sorry no photos out on the water. It was an after thought.

The first few km's are pretty chill, just rolling trail but then there is a left turn, isn't it always a left turn? We began going up.

And still going up, I swear that you goes as much vertical as you do forward. 583 m's up in just a little more than that in distance. Yep, it hurts.

The grunt work does make it all worth while though when you start to break through the tree line. Some of those large lakes start to look like puddles.

With nearly perfect skies you could see huge distances from the top of Silver Peak. Manitoulin Island seemed close, I've seen it many times but it's still breath taking.

After about a half hour of recovery, refueling and soaking in the view we started the return back to the car. Yep only the mid way of the day. I'm not sure what seems longer sometimes the distance when you are anxious to get there full of energy or the distance when you are anxious and getting tired. To say we were happy to be back in the canoe was a mild statement.

As we made our way past the last portage and back through Johnny Lake the talk of food that will be consumed became closer to a reality. Roughly 7 hours from the moment the canoe it the water it was being hoisted back on top of the car and we were racing towards the town of Killarney craving substance.

Just over 11 km of hiking, 8-9 km of paddling and two tired souls, a great day. As for Sunday I did ride my bike, there were some hills mixed in, I did turn on the power tap, I may have even hit the timer on the HRM once or twice and it might be something that looked like an interval. Last day of holidays today. More tomorrow.

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