Friday, September 17, 2010

The weekend of everything

It seems that almost every race organizer in Ontario has some sort of event on this weekend. It doesn't matter if it's road, cross or mountain bike, if you want to race you it's almost overwhelming the options. Good luck to everyone at Crank the Shield, the sun is out here hopefully it will hold out for you. The dirty enduro is tomorrow, Benno is of to regain his title for the ? year in a row. Me, well I'll be doing a little rednecking tonight with a few of the crew, more later on those adventures.

Training was limited to stretching yesterday, I don't believe anyone in southern Ontario rode a bike yesterday. With the steady rain, cool temperatures and end of the season mentality there was not a chance in hell for me. Instead I started to be pro-active on the re-layout of the padded room. Last winter it was put together in a few moments, now since the winter has me spending more time in there than I would like to, I would like to have it a little more user friendly.

That also lead to next end of race season step that needed to be taken. It involves the Chuck Norris bike. It's pretty hard to de-tune the ninja killin, bad guy stomping, coolest bike around but I was able to take away a weapon. The bike is back to fighting with it's bare hands for the rest of the season, that's right the Power Tap has come off the bike and the stock Ksyriums will be rolling until the snow flies. There will be no staring at numbers for a couple months. It will be just random rides with no focus, zones or times.

Good luck to everyone this weekend, I have my own list of to do here on the bike. Should be a great weekend for all.

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