Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Break the seal

I still don't know how dirt gets where it gets. I thought one of my rules involving racing may haven been broken as I cleaned the Anthem. The first big rule in racing for me still is if it takes longer to drive to the race than the race itself I can opt out of it with no guilt. Of course really cool short races never get bumped. The other has to do with cleaning the bike. If it's potentially going to take as long to clean the bike afterwards the same rules as above apply.

Ripping the bike apart started to bring back the memories of the 24 that became a 12 hour's of Summer Solstice. How did the dirt get there? A few hours of TLC and the Anthem was talking with me again.

Body is recovering well, stairs don't hurt as much. Just about the right time to go and throw some more abuse at it.

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