Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Skinny as hell? Not so so much compared to others

How much of an upper body does a cyclist really need to have? Ok more how much of an upper body does a male cyclist really need? Still not full sure on that at this point but let's just say that most of us fit in this description.

I'm in that group to, well at least until the fall when life takes over and this is what is in front of me.

I did what I could to persuade many to help on Sunday but my potential offer of beer and burgers was no match to some race that was throwing money around. Then there was my Tom Sawyer idea for the Monday Night Something crew to help last night. Well my idea of something was over topped with a something else that involved riding.

So the last couple days I spent time training for the next big peak of the season. With beer in hand both days I hammered away at the pile. Note: that was only half the pile and this is the other half where it belongs.

The next big peak obviously includes having fitness and it also includes alcohol. That's right I'm getting the body warmed up for the Anti-Race. It's a month away and there is lots of training to be had.

Don't worry to my crossfit friend there will be another round of firewood coming if your still interested in the workout.

Winter can come now and I'll be warm, this should hold the cold off for atleast a couple months!!!

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