Sunday, December 13, 2009

As crazy as a drunken bushman

Started out the day with more than enough coffee to kill a small rodent. The knock on the door happened right about when I thought it might. My firewood guy showed right on time. Because it was a beautiful day outside the temptation to put play before work needed to be shut down quickly. Drop it right there sir, yep right in the middle of the driveway so I can't get my car out.

Out of curiosity I put on my heart rate monitor, why??? Because I'm such a numbers geek and wanted to see if this would be good enough for my workout today. Of course I would still want to do something fun after lugging wood around. It was also going to give me a chance to test my new traction thing a ma bobs for my favorite outdoor grunt work boots.

Lets just say that it was the best $13 dollars I've ever spent. Lots of grip, no extra weight etc. So two hours later I was feeling very Grizzly Adams/Davey Crocketish. I felt so bushman like that I thought I could kill Bambi with my bare hands, ok maybe not Bambi. Who am I kidding, I have a hard time killing a six pack of beer now let alone some cute wild animal. I did learn that moving and stacking a cord of firewood is only considered active recovery according to my stupid little tracking device.

Work done, driveway clear, one wired dog looking at me saying WTF, I loaded up the classic skis in the car and headed to my other backyard. I haven't been to Copeland since the snow dropped and was a little excited, so was the Molly Monster. Conditions were a little tough to setup grip wax since there was some tracks already cut and being around the freezing mark and sunny meant a mix of snow. Honestly I didn't care if I had grip or not, the weather was amazing. It's been awhile since the sun has been out like it was and I was going to play.

I know Copeland really well by single track bike directions but by double track it was a different experience. This was a good thing because the plan is to ski here at night a lot this winter. It's a 9 minute drive from my house, why wouldn't I. Of course I may accidentally come across some great groomed track set if I continue in certain directions.
Making some of my own tracks.

At your own risk?? Well I'm such a risky guy that I had to see what the concern was all about.

The risk?? The sun, it must have been the sun and possible snow blindness. I'll take that risk.

Remember that puddle that Dan sent us through twice during the first Marathon race? yep I had to ski through that puddle. I also got on to some single track sections that were apparently still controversial on being to wet for people to ride through. Funny thing about that. It was still wet with the snow on it, I guess I'm a bastard for skiing through it.

Finished up with 2 hours of kick and glide and I stayed aerobic the whole time!!! I'll spend a few more weeks on the classics building my base before jumping on the skate skis again. Well that is the plan. I felt great afterwards and still had a smile on my face from all the Vitamin D I soaked in. The Molly Monster was all happy too and is still crashed on the couch with not to much motivation to get off.

The plan for the day? Still debating on that one, check back tomorrow to find out if the excitement continues.


Andy said...

1, yeah my grandma has some of those traction things, she really loves them too.

2, I'm really looking into some sort of classic ski, could be good.

Matt Spak said...

1. for the best ever boots for snowblowing my driveway along with the best ever snowblower wind blocker cover thingy. I am totally set for the winter. Laugh as you might but your driveway is just a postage stamp to my brown legal sized envelope of a driveway.

2. Classics, I'll tell you later how close it is to that unnamed groomed trail

Anonymous said...

Get a room, boys.