Saturday, December 12, 2009

The options are endless

Well it's the first weekend with good snow coverage, what should I do? Unfortunately I will be starting off with some grunt work as I have another load of wood being delivered this morning. I do need to keep warm. Hmmmm burning wood keeps you warm, moving wood keeps you warm. Maybe I should just keep moving the same piece of wood back and forth when I'm at home?? I did do the Tom Sawyer approach on getting some people over to help. Hmmm, I guess everyone had read the book and knew my plan.

It's another weekend of endurance training so what do I do? Ski, it would most definitely be classic as I'm still feeling the mild abuse of Thursday. Snowshoe, there is more than ample enough snow now in the area to actually need them. The last thought is to get out on the bike. I'm sure I'll put the wheels to the snow once this weekend.

My area and just north of here have been getting pummelled with snow and crazy winds the last couple days. There is an imaginary line that the snow just seems to stop about 15 minute drive south of here. Last night they had the 400 north shut down right at the off ramp to my town. This is a major road and I have never ever seen so many transport trucks lined up in one place. Up and down both sides of highway 12. If there was a stretch of pavement that a truck and trailer could fit there was one there. Winter came in in a hurry. Things are looking a little nicer out there this morning as I suck back my second cup of coffee, that could change on the third cup.

Side note. Watson is talking a bunch of smack about the dogs and called the Molly Monster a wimp. She is actually a drama queen and only has a fear of inanimate objects. BUT!!! at least she doesn't need help getting over fallen trees. Another dog I know needs help to get around those trees, oops I meant fallen tree limbs, oh wait now the truth fallen twigs that are half buried in the ground.

Photos and fun to come. Should be a good weekend of training.

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