Sunday, December 6, 2009

Night and day

Maybe not the best contrast, how about black and white? Or ying and yang. Ok to subtle how about no snow and snow!!!! That is what I'm looking at this morning at 7 am thinking it's going to be an interesting group ride this morning.

It looks like I should be ready to go and do this.

Ok maybe there is not that much, yet. I did get a great ride in on the road yesterday though. A mix of rail trail and side roads before making a quick stop up at Mountainview Ski Centre. Annual ski swap, lets just say it was a good thing I was on my bike an not able to bring anything back with me. Saw a couple nice skates and classic that were just looking for a new home in my collection.

Back on the bike I did manage to stop for one photo opportunity to prove I was out there. It's a little to chilly out to do random photos anymore. My gloves coming off versus giving you a better visual is a tough decision.

Those dark clouds coming in were packed with the white stuff. I've been loving the pimped out cross bike lately, it has the wide body fender flare kit on that makes it look so fast. It's kinda like a Honda Civic with a NOS sticker on it. Intimidation with flash works well!!
Just over 2 hours of riding, another one of those endurance mile ride where the only time my heart rate spiked was when I saw all the skis. Yes, I am weak!!!
Gotta roll, should be entertaining today.

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