Saturday, December 19, 2009

Looking at the bottom of the coffee cup

Trying to figure out what to do, what to type, when to do it etc etc etc. It's currently 7 am and my wonderful little device tells me that it's freeze my nuts off type temperatures outside. That in normal terms is minus 20 degrees Celsius. Looking like a nice day as the sun seems to have clear shots of being out today.

So what to do?? I'm starting to feel a bit better. It means resorting back to vitamins only, not a huge fan of taking any type of drug but Sudafed seemed to get me through that last couple days. Is this one of the many on the oh no list? It's not performance enhancing for me, it barely got me back up to almost normal enhancing which means about average.

So I'm going to jump off cycling topic for a few moments. I apologize in advance if I bring up a topic that you might not like. I'll be honest, Christmas has not really been an enjoyable time of year for me. I usually find myself in a bit of a grumpy mood, this all is centered around the death of my Father. The year that Dad was sick was very very hard on the family. Lot's of changes were made, some good some bad. In the end though the last couple days of his life were during Christmas. Everyday I go to work I get a reminder of my Dad, he did start the business and it's his name on the cards and work truck along with the amazing reputation he had. I do my very best everyday to live up to that name. I may own the business now but it's still Dad's company and always will be thought of that way.

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and after watching what my Dad went through sometimes I wonder if we have lost the true meaning of what Christmas is all about? It's not about getting the latest greatest things that we don't really need. It's supposed to be about family right? It's about the ones that can helping out the ones that can't. Every Christmas I am reminded of the unfortunate and how quickly it can happen. I watch a man (Dad) who had everything and could buy anything he wanted have it all taken away from him in the course of a year. A 56 year old self made man who was capable of just about anything turning into a man who had to be helped out with just about every task in life.

Look around and you will see lots of people in that position. It may not be a sickness or disease but as simple as poverty. It's been a tough year economically for many people, food bank and charity donations are down and needs are up. I'm not trying to preach or anything but maybe look outside yourself. Most of us in the cycling world are pretty good at giving back. What is $20 out of your life put in the Salvation Army's bucket or better yet go on a grocery shopping spree for the food bank. I think this is the last year that my family exchanges presents. I've suggested to Mom that next year we pool our money and raid the grocery store for the food bank. Just a reminder that the ones that can should be helping out the ones that can't. I went out last night. I'm sorry if I laid a guilt trip on anyone.

Back to my original thought. I've decided to do this ever year now and not shave and attempt to grow a beard close to what Dad's every December from now on. I will shave it off on December 27th, the day he passed away.

Miss you Dad.


Tammy S. said...

Great post Matt!

Also, you can donate money to the food bank - they use it to buy fresh food for families and in some cases help pay rent, or heating bills.

DMac said...

Growing the beard is a great way to honor you father. Very nice.