Friday, December 4, 2009

Mixing things up

It was a little crappy out this evening so changed up the training thoughts of the day. I left all the bikes alone, pulled a pair of ski poles off the rack and headed down to my coach's new house. No I was not going to beat Heather. Instead it was a hike to Hardwood Ski and Bike and back.

It was one of those evening that I would have been forced on the trainer because it was just beyond what I will suffer through at this time of the year. A couple degrees above freezing, steady drizzle, dark. You know, absolute crap. Heather always makes it fun.

A mix of atv trails and then gravel roads before we hit the edge of Hardwood's property. Made the hike a little more interesting by taking some single track. Coffee Run is still one of my favorite sections and is always used at the Canada Cup. Walking it did give you a totally different look at the lines including a new one that I will have to watch and see if they tape it off. Lets just say that it's always faster to go straight than to turn around a tree.

Just over two hours of one foot in front of another and we were done. I did find out that this type of workout will not get my heart rate up. Now the bonus side of it was it did seem to help out my hip flexors and did give me a break off the bike.

Looks like the weekend is ramping up with lots of riding so this was probably a good thing. They are predicting snow all weekend and next week. I'll be interested to see if my setup from yesterday will stop it. I will be getting the skis ready though. Hardwood is looking at making snow this weekend.

I'll be watching


Anonymous said...

I assume you were hiking during on hours at HH and had the appropriate trail pass on.

Anonymous said...

That sounds awful lot like Phatty voicing his wonderful opinion.

Anonymous said...

More like Phats alter ego who's to lazy to post using anything but the anonymous button.

Anonymous said...

Aler ego? You mean lazy Watson? I like this lazy anonymous thing.

Matt Spak said...

I heard through my sister's friend's friends couisin who knows this guy that is dating the girl that works at the store who said it was all right for me to be there