Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now I'm Christmasy

This came in the mail yesterday. The coolest team in Ontario cycling now make the coolest Christmas card. You know they drank all the beer before doing the photo shoot. Now they need to sober up enough to get a website and an OCA sanctioned official team. Merry Christmas Ben and Tyler. Merry Christmas everyone
On the training front, good workout last night. Lots of high speed cadence stuff and one legged drills. On the rollers to make me not be lazy and keep things smooth. Bad form on the rollers equals burnt tires or worst bad falls to the floor. Legs felt good.
To kill the pain I pulled out some older race DVD's particularly 2008 Summer Solstice. The looking at dirt gives me the craving of dirt. I'm missing dirt and single track. Check out for more videos.
Last day of work before a nice break, hoping for some good weather for some great outdoor training days.

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Kim the Misfit said...

You'll just have to make it out to Joyride... 100 laps of the XC loop ought to do it!

And, really? Team Speed OCA sanctioned? I think the universe might implode.