Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What happened

Well the Monday Night Something has come and passed again. It was the first half attempt at snowshoeing, big feet worked just as well as snowshoes tonight. During the hike I started to remember some of the original rules for the MNS.

The bike rules are easy, single speeds or cross bikes, one hour ride, rain or shine or hail or global warming. there is no warm up there is no cool down. The pace is sane, there is no shame in walking hills(this is usually after race days) and lots of immature trash talk.

Now the snowshoe rules. The weather rule is pretty much the same unless there is a strong chance of death if driving to the destination, that is a get out of jail pass. Equipment, snowshoes!! duh!! Headlamps are optional but are recommended as Tristan found out last night. The pace of the hike, low!!! and usually with lots of random stops and which way should we go from here type comments. There is never any fear of getting lost because Andrew has a compass, gps, map, telescope, star map, and takes photographs every ten feet just in case the trail of bread crumbs doesn't work.

It's kept pretty simple since this is supposed to be a non training day/recovery what ever. Well, what happened last night??? The pace was driven up high, to the point that my heart rate monitor actually considered this a workout. There wasn't much snow and I wasn't feeling tired. The pace was noticed not only by I so I didn't think it was just my poor excuse of fitness. I wasn't at the front setting the pace, hell even the Molly Monster was working hard. So what happened, who is responsible?

Hey LIZ!!!! Slow down!!!! That's right Liz was on a mission to put some hurt in the boys. This is not the first time that a woman has come into the group and altered the MNS plan. The last attempt was done by a rider who wanted to warm up and cool down. That is not allowed, ever! The next day an anonymous email was sent to her coach. The following week things were back to normal. Well what will happen this time. Well I looked back in time to try and get advice on how to deal with this. I came up with this answer

My vote goes to Jacob for president since it was his girlfriend. Now, I'm not saying that it's bad to have woman out to play, I'll be out playing with mine in the snow tonight hopefully and the ones that come out have a pretty sick sense of humour. It did give us someone to throw snowballs at, she ramped up the pace again once that happened. They just need to play by the rules. Since we have to play by women's rules the rest of the time in life during the MNS it's our time. Let's see what happens next week.

Back at it today, ski, bike, snowshoe? Something will happen. Later


Anonymous said...

Your blogs are absolutely THE BEST,keep them coming.

Kim the Misfit said...

You're just trying to figure out how many girls read your blog, aren't you?

Really, Matt.

Anonymous said...

warmups make you ride faster... i'm pretty sure there's a study.