Thursday, December 17, 2009

A new toy for the balance blind

Went self Christmas shopping yesterday, I've been a good boy and I thought I deserved it. My headlamp had died recently and I was left only with my 5 year old first generation tikka which is great for hiking and snowshoeing but when it comes to skiing, more so skate skiing, its a little weak on compensating vision for balance.

24 hour race by the time it gets dark I pretty much have the course memorized that I swear I could ride it blind, slippery ground on long skinny sticks I want to see everything so a quick stop at one of my favorite local outdoor stores and out I came with the newest caveman torch. This thing is awesome.
I've had a couple of the Myo's before and they worked awesome putting out about a 100 lumens on the brightest setting. Well the newest one is at 140 lumens. How bright is that? Bright that is all I can say. Physical size and weight haven't changed and there are a few new options that you can do with this one. I'll pretty much just turn it on and turn it off.

Tonight will be the test, planning on a couple hours of skiing after work today. At least I can't blame any falls on not seeing what I'm about to land on. It will be another play time on the classics.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Sometimes when we do the twisty backcountry trails, we wear our helmets and use our stupid bright bike lights. Yes, we look like freaks, but all that light is awesome!

Not so sure how well that would go over with the skate ski crowd though...buying this was probably a better choice.

Kim said...

Oh! We do that too! Conservation area skiing at night = FUN.

Anonymous said...

Me and Watson's other four readers are starting to defect to your blog, because we're tired of reading about "went here to kill time" or "had a nap" or "watched these 5 movies" or "stalked this coffee shop girl but too chicken to talk to her so I'll just blog about her." Tell that bum to either start writing some good stuff, or get a job. Hearing about him flipping burgers would be more interesting that his current dribble.