Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trying to keep myself ammused

Motther Nature gave me very little choice. Rain, slush, crap meant time on the hamster wheel. 2.5 hours of spinning and not getting anywhere. Yes I was so excited to watch movies instead of watching the scenery change. I did a few cheap parlour tricks during the time on the bike to try and keep me distracted.

What I did find were things like this I have some work to do. Legs felt not bad and I think I did manage to burn off most of the food, wine and desert I ate the night before. One plate is good, second plate is better. Not sure what the plan will be for today but looks like the weather is a little more favourable for outside play.

Right now, more coffee, maybe a little more work on the kitchen

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Anonymous said...

Let's see more kitchen reno pics!!!