Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The worst brings out the best

Monday has come and gone. The weather has well, it came and has yet to leave but back to the original rules of the Monday Night Something we go out no matter what the conditions are. Of course there are a couple subtexts that if the end of the world happens to be on a Monday we have a legitimate weather reason.

Last night led to crazy winds, blowing snow with white outs and minus 15 and dropping. It's minus 23 currently at my place. So what does this number bring, the largest group we have had in a while. 10 and 2 dogs. It turned into a pretty good bush whack adventure. There were many questions on course of direction and a concern or two that we may be mildly lost. There are no out and backs on the same trail with this group.

Liz, yes death march Liz was leading the way and promised that we were fine. There were talks of who would be the first to be eaten. The problem of hanging around with a bunch of cyclist is that nobody has that body that is looking to be cooked. You never see a skinny athletic cow doing laps of the field or the trim fit pig that was using the feeding bins for hurdles. Nope, we like the fat ones. Maybe we need to invite a few new people into the group when there are talks of a long epic snowshoe, a slightly larger than average type person. You know just in case.

Once we knew that food would be a problem with in 5 minutes death march Liz pulled us out on to a main trail and low and behold there was our heading out tracks. Mouths dropped, there were gasps of aww and loud cheers everywhere. More so because she had been using the moon for navigation. Apparently no matter where the moon is it always leads west. Last night it was straight up. Next week I will be wearing my GPS and carrying my fillet knife. You know, just in case.

Update on the broken toe, yep still pretty sure it's broken. I'm very aware of it but it's not at that type of pain that sends you to the couch and loading up on drugs. I find it interesting on the level of pain that you start to just consider an irritation but for others would be crippling. My only caution right now leads to my very graceful and coordinated dog who sometimes has four left feet. She has been known to step on a few toes, namely mine.

The kitchen creation, I will now be under a little deadline to get things done. I'm having a New Years Eve party here and I would prefer not to have one section of the house looking like hell. I have a short workout for today on the bike so there should be some good quality time put in. The local building store is just a smiling when they see me coming. Pictures up tomorrow, some before and afters.

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Jamie said...

I m looking pretty fat these days, maybe Tristan and i could join you one night?