Monday, December 21, 2009

Let the games begin

Well I received the official word from Heather. I'm back at it again with more than just endurance miles now, time to start some intensity (scheduled intensity not the it just kinda happened type) So today is the official start of 2010!!! Woohoo it will make trainer time go by much quicker.

My last day of freedom was spent outside with some slippery sticks attached to the feet. Grabbed my best $70 dollars I've spent in a while. A short wide pair of wax less Peletons skis that are perfect for bushwhacking. Keeps my good classics in, well good shape!

After a quick call in the morning and a lot of twisting an arm I convinced Andrew to not sit and stare blankly at a wall while riding the rollers. Of course the Molly Monster took zero influence to want to go, I think she has ESP.

Conditions were great, minus 5, it's amazing how much hiking traffic there has been in Copeland. Enough that skating to some, umm randomly track set and groomed trails is possible. We had other plans, 10 minutes in on the smooth wide double track we made a hard left into the what would normally be single track for bikes. The short skis paid for themselves as much as a short bus at my door.

There was some weak attempts at jumps and it's was a little comical watching two former alpine ski instructors crash on completely flat ground. There were random trees that just reached out and grabbed the skis, honest.

There were more random turns of lets see where that goes to more of I don't know where we are going but going up is good. Going up in Copeland usually hurts and off trail in foot deep crunchy snow made things even better. Molly was setting a blistering pace that we fought to keep up with.

One of the highlights of the ski was watching Watson attempt to be a freekier. Racing for Norco may have gone to his head, we all know how good is freeriding skills are (cough cough) and have watching him clear huge gaps on that carbon hardtail ( 6 inches). Well if I can do it on a cross country bike I bet I can do it on cross country skis.

Like the Red Bull bike comps I don't think the free skiing world needs to be worried.

2.5 hours of not on the trainer or rollers had me feeling a little tired. Great way to spend the morning. The new skis worked great, not as fast as my good classics but for what I wanted them for I couldn't ask for better. I did notice that the wax less grooves make weird noises on track set.

Time is running out so story is short, that dam work thing is getting in the way.


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