Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some changes

I'm thinking about you, so I thought it would be nice to make it easier for you to link to other riders with a good clean up of the list to the right. More so to divide it up. Seems that everyone is on a roll with blogs now and that list is getting a little long.

Easy way to classify things. Well I thought about going with the categories of Fast people and Funny people. The thought of the guys versus the girls came to mind of course along with shirts and skins but I'm pretty sure Emily and Tanya may have a comment or two about going topless for their profile pictures. I also would have to start billing $4.99 for the first minute. There was the World Cup/Ocup group and the endurance group but there were to many crossovers.

In the end I felt that I was putting labels on people, huge nameplates that may or may not be true so I came to the final decision of two groups. The Canadians with good stories and people that want to be Canadians with good stories. Stephen Colbert may be going after our speed skating team but I'm going to attempt to steal a few riders and bring them to the land of beavertails and igloos. All this to make your life just a little better. You may notice a few more names now also in both categories.

On the training excitement side of things I opted to skip the MNS ride. Looking at the forecast I think there will be one more and it will have more than 12 snowflakes on the ground in Midhurst. It may even look close to my 3 inch thick white yard. Instead I did some quality time with the Molly Monster with a hike in Scout Valley. I was feeling a little guilty of the long rides on the weekend and her not getting a good run. I also need to get her lazy couch sleeping ass in shape for the up coming snowshoe season and doing a crazy intensity run behind a bunch of bikes is not the best way for a 6 year old dog.

It was a nice 1.5 hour hike on snow covered trails. Lights, don't need no stinkin lights . Happy dog and a happy me. It could be the first snow covered road ride tonight, we will see what comes after work.


velotaku said...

I got on Spak's link list! Im goin to disneyland!

Matt Spak said...

You were always listed. Now make sure you keep it Canadian and say you are going to Wonderland.