Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's a dog's life

I'm blaming the dog, isn't that what you are supposed to do anytime there is a strange odour in the air??? How does that work for feeling tired and a little sore? She did set the pace on Sunday and picked the route. Yep her fault.

To make me feel a little better she was dragging her ass all day at the office. Apparently she was not even interested in doing her lunchtime walk. She was moving slowly. After my visit with the Dr. Bill to give me my pre Christmas break tune up, the thought of going snowshoeing was still very high. Molly was still moving slow after her 9th nap of the day, I gave her the question. Do you want to go. She gave me that look, then turned and hopped back up on the couch closest to the fire place, let out a grown and laid down. I guess that is a no.

Now what would snowshoeing be without the Molly Monster?? or xc skiing or any of the Monday Night Somethings. It just wouldn't be right. It's not that a gauge my training around my dog's energy level, if I did she would have blown me up so many times I'd probably still be crashed on the side of a trail somewhere but she is my favorite training partner. I thought about asking Bob (Bobke) the cat to see if he was willing to go. He looked up for half a second then went back to beating the shit out of my heart rate monitor strap. Cats and snowshoeing, just doesn't' seem to blend together.

My legs were still a little sore, the stair test reminded me of that, it was a tough physical work day so not much recovery time. I debated on still going but I also felt the energy level decreasing quickly and the thought of going into the cold dark night was becoming less appealing than trying to steal that spot that Molly has now nicely warmed up for me. I made my way towards the basement, past the xc skis, then the mountain bikes, then the road bikes, towards the snowshoes. Took a hard left into the wood room and headed up with another dead tree to light on fire. Rest day!!!

It's amazing how fast I can get that living room to sauna temperatures. I mid/late evening nap before bed told me that I made the right call. Legs are feeling better this morning, ready for the first set of drills on the bike to be done tonight. Molly will get another rest day today. The count down to the holiday break is on. Of course it's always the storm before the calm in the appliance world

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