Thursday, December 10, 2009

Putting a plan in action, I hope

Well that is what I'm hoping it will become. After having a very fun reminder of how much I LOVE snow blowing the driveway I had a thought come into my mind. Yes, these things do happen, usually when I'm on the bike for hours on end, this time it was while pushing around the snow blower for hours on end.

It was the perfect packing snow, this also meant a good workout even snow blowing. This is also the best base layer snow for xc skiing. HMMM, well I've opted to take today off from work. Why, just because. HMMM, I think Hardwood Ski and Bike may be open. A quick text to the coach who has someone on the inside confirmed my thought. HMMM, I think it would be fun to get out on my slippery sticks for a couple km. After an hour of core work I was heading down in the dungeon.

The slippery sticks were both needing the storage wax taken off and a good base cleaning. Of course when you are waxing anything, including your legs you need to have some good entertainment. Last nights choice, the classic. Spaceballs the Movie. We all know who the real Dark Helmet is don't we.

Base binder prep for the classics. I've learned that you can B.S. your way with wax on skate skis but classic waxing is an art that I am slowly learning. The prep work etc must be done or you are spending more time putting grip waxing on than you are wearing it off.

A nice purple/pink mix of glide wax for the Skates. Should be a safe call for the month of December looking at the forecast. Spend more time brushing my skis than my hair in the winter. I love toques!!! Went more purple on the Classics.

A short time later and I'm ready for the long haul. Of course I have a big pile of wax shavings on the ground. Cleaning bikes leaves dirt, tuning skis leaves wax, back country hiking leaves mud maybe I need to take up a clean sport like knitting or lawn bowling.

If my plan holds together I'll get out this morning to play. I'm avoiding that vomit machine today at all costs.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

What an awesome plan. I think I will copy it tomorrow.

Forget about knitting, yarn bits are messy too.

Anonymous said...

\hey \matt.

can you please email me your address so we can send you our christmas card.


ben of team speed